Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Shoreham Beach Visit

Visited Shoreham Beach to create a shingle plant survey activity for an upcoming course. It was sunny, but quite windy. Single and small groups of swallow flew along very low over the beach heading west to east.

After I had completed this activity, I visited Shoreham Beach First School to present a talk about the vegetated shingle plants as part of a series of science week activities the school children were working on.

Seal tagging update

The Seals continue to behave normally and are providing some fascinating data. This image shows the movement of common seals in first week.
Much of the seals movement occurs within the Chichester area as expected. Often referred to as Chichester harbour this is infact an area of estuary spread out over 74 square kilometres with sand banks and four separate channels. Seals have been tracked as far east as Selsey Bill and also crossed to the Isles of Wight. The seals continue to be monitored and I hope to provide further update soon.