Saturday, 30 June 2012

More about a seal in the River Adur

I received the following message re a seal in the River Adur

It may be of interest to you but I have also seen a seal on the river adur. I was at the Adur water sports centre on 23/24 January this year completing some water rescue training when myself and a group of colleagues also saw a seal! I hope this is of use to you

Friday, 29 June 2012

Seal in the River Adur

A seal was seen in the River Adur this morning, while the river was high, swimming back and forth past the Bridge Pub next to the Norfolk Bridge.

We are hoping that this may be the same (rescued and released) seal called Twinkle that we were following last year as it travelled back and forth between the Rivers Cuckmere, Ouse and Adur. The seal can be identified by an orange tag on its hind flipper and facial markings.

This seal was last spotted in the Cuckmere River back in March, so this seal may still be around.

However, other seals occasionally visit the River Adur