Saturday, 22 October 2016

Tim Loughton MP unveils new signage on the nature reserve

Local MP Tim Loughton unveiled the new education and awareness signage on Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve - part of the 10 year anniversary of the reserve.

The unveiling commenced at 10.45am on the eastern end of the nature reserve.

Joy Daintree, the chairperson for Friends of Shoreham Beach, welcomed everyone and spoke about the last 10 years of the reserve - and its achievements.
Joy also spoke about the 10 year celebration and the Heritage Lottery Funding that had funded new information signage and also some educational events - some of which have been discussed in previous posts.
Tim Loughton the cut the ribbon and unveiled the new signs.

Afterwards everyone gathered for a press photograph around the signage.
There are seven new information panels - but only one was official unveiled on the day - as the remaining six were positioned at various entrances to the reserve.

The new signage is very eye catching as well as informative and will help raise awareness of this rare and valuable habitat.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Dead whale remains Normans Bay

The remains of a large rorqual washed ashore around at Normans Bay (near Eastbourne). The tail stock section is about 10ft for reference. The remains are very decomposed, mainly skin with not a lot of bone.
The main part of the remains are just east of the Martello tower at Normans Bay. The Council have put warning signs out.