Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bottlenose dolphins off Fairlight Beach

I received a message about 30 bottlenose dolphins off Fairlight Beach (East Sussex) on Saturday 30th June at 4.45pm. Hopefully will have more informatio to report soon.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Seal visits Eastbourne Harbour

I have received a seal sighting from a lady who next to Eastbrourne Harbour  was noticed a seal (probably common) swimming around the outer harbour in Eastbourne on and off for a couple of months. She lives next to the harbour and first saw it in March/April and has seen the seal many times in the last 3 to 4 months. It is also there today.

She said that she first observed the seal on 31 March. The seal was in the outer harbour and sunbathing on the mud whilst the tide was out. She said they they saw him several times over the week or two. Then the dredger came in to dredge the outer habour.The dredger was here for about a week or so. She didn't see the seal after that.

Until this week.... She reported that she  saw him swimming around the outer harbour at high tide.  That was at 10am ish. He just kept popping his head up and you could see his back and part of his tail. He seemed to be having a lovely time drifting around.

Last night she said he appeared again. This time it was approaching low tide. Again he just kept popping his head up and drifting around (despite boats coming in and out of the harbour).     I was hoping he would get up on the mud again but he didn't.. He was there until at lease 7.30pm.  Then I had other things to do so he may have been there later.  I have looked at him through the binoculars and he appears to be a common seal as his head is shaped like a dog rather than the roman nose.