Saturday, 10 July 2010

Exploring Shoream Beach Local Nature Reserve

Another course, this time as part of the adult education programme for the Sussex Wildlife Trust. To provide an overview of the geneal area, coastal geography, how Shoreham Beach was formed and the maritime history - we started at the Rope tackle Centre on the banks of the River Adur.
This provided the opportunity to introduce the participants to the various topics, including archives images. Part the way through, I handed out some pebbles from Shoreham Beach (similar to the previous school session - see yesterdays blog) for the participants to comment on the pebbles, what they were etc.

The second part of the course was a walk from the Rope Tackle Centre, across the Norfolk bridge, down by the estuary and across to the beach via the house boats. On the way I pointed out the coastal geography and maritime history we had seen in the earlier part of the session. This included the history of the Norfolk bridge(s), the estuary, the houseboats etc. On the estuary we saw various birds including several lapwings, a couple of egrets, and a red shank
Just before we reached the beach we stopped to look at the shingle garden by the Beach Green toilet block.

We then explored the vegetated shingle habitat looking at the plants and wildlife. I provided the participants with ID guides so we could move along as an informal ramble giving the chance for the participants to explore and identify some of the plants.

We eventually walked back down the beach and crossed the river Adur at the footbridge before returning to the Rope tackle for a brief roundup. Several of the participants said they would certainly come back and explore Shoreham and Shoreham Beach later in the year.

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