Friday, 18 March 2011

The further travels of Twinkle the Seal

A seal spotted in Shoreham Harbour on 11th January, during the launch of the new life boat has now been confirmed to be Twinkle, the rescued seal that I reported on last November first seen in the Cuckmere River

 The orange tag on its hind flipper clearer identifies this seal as Twinkle.

The seal was rescued and named by the RSPCA on the 13th June 2010 from Lowestoft. It was successfully released into the Wash on 18th August.
I have been following the movement of this seal since November 2010 (see earlier blog entries) where it was first seen in the Cuckmere River. Since then it has been seen at the 7 sisters, Newhaven, River Ouse further upriver than Lewes and now the River Adur. Other seal sightings may also be this seal, but the tag can only be seen when the seal is on land.
We know the seal is finding food as it was reported eating a big fish. A photograph taken on a mobile phone by Debra clearly shows the seal feeding.

These are some of the photographs I have taken of the seal while it was in the River Adur

From the pictures below you can see that the seal is quite relaxed and appears to be fit and healthy

It would be good to hear from anyone who spots this seal as this has been a unique opportunity to follow the movements of a single seal around our coast and rivers.


ron hirschi said...

Given all the incredibly sad and devastating news about ocean life in the Pacific it is sure great to hear this good news.

Thanks for posting this and thanks for following Twinkle. Made my day here in the Pacific Northwest (North Eastern Pacific Ocean) where Harbor Seals and Sea Lions are abundant as we speak and yet very threatened by ocean plastics, DDT residues (still), and PBC and PBDE....

Hey! If Twinkle can survive, there is hope for the one ocean we share around the planet!


Ron Hirschi
Project SOAR

Evasivo said...

Hi Steve,
Thought you maybe interested in hearing that I spotted what looked to be a grey seal today next to Brighton Marina. He was only about 8-10 meters from the shore and kept popping up looking around at people on the beach & myself & others on the Marina wall.
After seeing what I believe to be a rare sight i came back and did some searches & found your mention of Twinkle.
With him being in the sea I was unable to notice any tag but would like to think it was Twinkle and perhaps this comment may help you in the tracking of him.

Emma said...

Hi Steve,
Yesterday we were sitting on Hove beach not far from the lagoon and we saw a seal in the sea. It popped it's head up and looked around and then went back down under the water. It was only about 2 meters from the shore. We were very surprised to see it and later we asked some of the local fishermen if this was an unusual sighting. They said no they had seen seals before and just recently one had been spotted out on the beach at Hove. Maybe this was twinkle? It was an amazing first sighting for us and our 7 year was thrilled!
Hope this helps with your tracking.

Best wishes,

Emma, Dan and Elliott Seymour