Sunday, 12 June 2011

Seal off Brighton

A common seal was reported yesterday about 20m from the shore at Brighton. It was observed between the nudist beach and the halfway stop for the Volks Railway. The seal stayed in the same general area disappearing underwater and popping its head back up again.

This could be the rescued and released seal Twinkle whose movements we have been following since November 2010. Twinkle does come very close to shore and always appears to be interested in people on the beach or river bank when he swims up stream.

Of course there is no way to be sure without a photograph (I have been able to recognise this seal from face markings in some close up photographs, even when the tag has not been visible) or seeing the tag which is only visible when it is on land.

If you are new to this blog, there are many earlier entries about Twinkle and reports of other seals and dolphins we see off the coast locally.

I was at World Oceans Day with a couple of displays yesterday in Shoreham so I did not see the seal myself this time.

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