Sunday, 31 July 2011

Returning the Sea Creatures

Today I returned the marine creatures back to the beach. I have been looking after them in a special marine tank.
I had originally planned to return them earlier, but it needed a good low tide to return the bivalve molluscs.
I searched for the area of chalk so I could fit the piece with the piddocks back in same place.

In one of the deeper tide pools, shore crabs fed on the remains of fish.

As I watched a little egret hunting along the waters edge another egret swooped down and chased the first egret

It chased the egret low across the mud flats and the back towards the harbour mouth

I then lost sight of them.

After a while a egret arrived and landed on the edge of the water and started to feed, I don't know if it was the first or second of the egrets.
It started to feed and then suddenly it was chased off by another egret.

After a while an egret returned 
This one started to feed and was still there about 30 minutes later when we left.

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