Friday, 9 March 2012

More Sussex Seal Reports

I received a report from BDMLR of a seal they visited in Eastbourne on Tuesday (March 6th). The seal was in the outer harbour and was reported to have been there for 2 days. The seal looked a bit thin and so BDMLR medics are keeping an eye on it. The seal is not considered to be too thin that it needs to be caught. We first thought it might be Twinkle but this has turned out to be a small seal.

They also passed on anecdotal reports that the Lewes seal (regular visitor we see each year) was spotted in Lewes on Monday. There is also a good possibility that the rescued and released seal Twinkle was spotted on the same day in Newhaven.

You may remember we followed Twinkles movement between the river Cuckmere, the Ouse and the River Adur for many months last year due to the orange flipper tag and the facial markings identified.It would be very exciting if he has returned to the same rivers this year - fingers crossed

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Barbara Cameron said...

I saw a seal today Wednesday 23rd May, I was sitting on the beach at Eastbourne and it came in quite close. About 10ft away!