Friday, 14 September 2012

Sad death of marine conservationist

It is in great sadness that I report that the Australian marine conservation pioneer and renowned shark expert Ron Taylor has died at the age of 78. (9th September 2012)

Along with Jacques Cousteau, Ron and Valerie Taylor have pioneered ocean conservation and both were a great inspiration to me in my youth. I am sure between them they have inspired more people into marine science and conservation as well as raising awareness of the beauty and mystery of the underwater world.

They also brought to our attention the fragile balance of the underwater world and how humans are ever increasingly impacting on this marine habitats.

It was a great privilege to have Ron and Valerie Taylor provide the foreword and some of the narrative for a children's book on oceans I wrote a few years ago called 'Oceans' for a series called 'Voyages' (into) by Kingfisher publishers.

Ron and Valerie Taylor started in a series of nature documentary programmes for Anglian TV series 'Survival' shown in my youth. As with Cousteau, it was the passion that came across, as well as the subject matter, that made it fascinating to watch.

For more information about Ron Taylor, visit the link below

He will be greatly missed by many. Out thoughts go out to Valerie in this sad time.

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