Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Juvenile seal in River Adur, Shoreham, West Sussex

A juvenile common seal has been spending time in the river Adur. The seal was first seen on 7th February in the morning, It appeared that the seal had swum back out to sea. However, on the 14th February the seal was hauled out on the estuary mud and reported again in a different location on 15th February by the Shoreham Port Authority.

As the seal was a juvenile we reported the sighting to British Divers Marine Life Rescue, even though the seal appeared to be fit and healthy, so they can monitor the situation.

The seal disappeared again and reappeared on 18th February. It’s great that the River Adur is receiving periodic visits from seals.

However, it’s important that these seals are not approached as they will quickly move to a quieter location. While seals are inquisitive and appear cute and appealing they are best enjoyed from a distance.

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Pete B said...

As a matter of interest i saw the young seal at about 7.30 am on the 11th or 12th April on a sandbank just north of Cuckoo Corner on the river Adur. The tide was coming in and the sandbank is a wide one on the first bend walking north from the small stream at Cuckoo Corner. I tried to get closer, but the sael began moving off to the safety of the river so I left it. On the return walk the tide was in and of course the seal had gone. I was suprised to see a seal let alone so far up the river. Pete B