Friday, 7 June 2013

Grey seal Seaford East Sussex

This is an update on the moulting grey seal reported in my previous blog entry.

Not long atfter is was seen in Eastbourne, the seal moved along the coast where it took up temporary residence on Seaford beach while it continued to moult.

Seals can take a long time to moult as they can only shed their hair a bit at a time to maintain their insulation. The seal also took the occasional trip to the Brighton Marina where it delighted onlookers

As Sussex County recorder for Sea Mammals my role also includes seals. Common seals are seen occasionally along the Sussex Coast, even venturing into Sussex rivers, but grey seals are only seen very rarely.

The seal has been attracting a lot of unwanted attention in Sussex. Due to the sheer number of onlookers the seal has attracted, British Divers Marine Life Rescue have continued to monitoring the situation and erected a barrier to stop people being able to get too close to the seal.
The seal has now left Seaford beach and has been spotted periodically along the coast’.All above photos © Elaine Brown, marine medic.


Old World Garden said...

We were astonished this evening, 19th June to sea a large seal catching fish in the Arun at South Stoke. We could only obtain a poor photo of it coming up with the tide, but it was definitely a very active seal! we saw it eat a fish 20 to 30 cm long.

Old World Garden said... for the photo we managed to get. time was approx 7 15 pm