Friday, 3 July 2015

EYE Project Eco Summit

I participated again this year in the E.Y.E Project (Eco Young and Engaged) Eco Summit which this year was hosted by Shoreham Academy.

The E.Y.E. Project brings local schools together to focus on the importance of caring for our planet and to provide an additional opportunity for the young people within those schools to learn about environmental matters through fun and educational activities available at Eco-Summit events. The EYE project is made up of schools from Shoreham, Lancing and Worthing
I has participated in the eco-summit on numerous occasions and this year I was asked to be the Key Note speaker. I started the keynote by talking about Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve, why it’s important and the role of the management group and the Friends of Shoreham Beach in caring for the reserve and engaging the public.

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I also spoke about the educational opportunities on the reserve.

I then spoke about the adventures of Ed the Bear and how he has used Ed to create links with scientists around the world and to share their knowledge about the oceans. This includes the possible impact of climate change on Shoreham Beach as well as other issues.

I also ran three workshops during the day based around Ed the Bear. The first two focused on topics touched on in the keynote such as how oceans moderate our climate and weather; provide 50% of our oxygen, freshwater, food, new medicines and more. This was followed by an activity where the children took on the role of albatross to explore the dangers of plastic pollution to marine life. The third workshop was for secondary school pupils and explored the same issues but in a more scientific context.

During lunch and break I manned a stand and gave out the LNR leaflets and educational flyer. The day was a great success.

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