Monday, 27 February 2017

Seal in the river Ouse

Just received a report of a seal in the river Ouse yesterday morning by the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve. Unfortunately photograph is from a distance and not possible to be sure if its a common seal or a grey seal. 

Common seals are seen from time to time in the river Ouse - in fact we have a common seal named 'Lewes' who has been visiting the river Ouse near Lewes for many years now.

However we do also occasionally see grey seal off Sussex and occasionally in our Sussex rivers.

The seal was observed feeding - with  fish in its mouth. Food is one of the attractions that encourages some seals to venture into our rivers in the winter months.

I have tried manipulating this photograph and I think it may be a common seal - but not certain.

For more seal sightings, type 'seal' into the search bar

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