Monday, 30 October 2017

seal and dog interaction

A seal was observed by Svetlana at 7.10am between Elmer Sands and Climping beach. Svetlana had been running her dog, which she does frequently.

Afterwards she went for a swim with her dog (large German shepherd). Not long after entering the water she saw a big head about 100 meters from them. At first she was a bit wary. She continued to swim with the dog the head surfaced about 10 m in front of her

Svetlana said “My dog decided to swim to him and say ‘hello’ but I immediately turned around, strongly shouting to my dog and get out of water”.
This an interesting sighting. Over the years there have been a few encounters where seals have shown an interest in dogs, occasionally in the water main from shore from the beach and from the river bank.

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