Friday, 19 August 2011

Dolphins and humpback whale in the English Channel

I recieved the following report today. On 3rd July, 3 bottlenosed dolphins were reported by Groupe d\'etudes des Cetaces du Cotentin on a ship wreck HMS Daffodil. The ship was lost off Dieppe on March 17th 1945 after striking a mine. HMS Daffodil is a big wreck 107m long. Today the wreck of HMS Daffodil wrests in only 24 metres of water, she sits upright and is pretty intact giving good swim through wreck penetration. The marine life on her is superb with large shoals of Bass and Black Bream in the wreckage. This may have been what attracted the dolphins to the wreck.

On 5th July a humpback whale was reported between Brighton and the French Coast.

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