Thursday, 4 August 2011

Injured seal pup

I received a report of a seal pup beached on Hove Beach on Sunday, July 31st. I first heared about it through my daughter who saw it on a friends FaceBook page.

I then received a detailed report from Elaine, a medic for BDMLR who attended the pup. The seal turned out to be a common seal pup possibly less than a month old with serious injuries to its face and head, including a bad gash beside the left eye.

(c) Elaine Brown, Marine Medic British Divers Marine Life Rescue

The wildlife rescue ambulance service also helped with the rescue. At 4:45pm, the pup was on the beach near Hove Lagoon, before it went back into the sea.

The seal was relocated again later when it came back ashore and was taken to the RSPCA Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Mallydams Woods in Hastings were he is currently receiving care.

The pup was reported as being repeatedly sighted from about 3:00pm at different areas along Hove Beach throughout the day until we picked him up at about 7:30pm.

It does make you wonder where the pup came from as it is so young. Even with currents etc, I can't imagine that it was born further than a few miles away. I wonder if there is a mother around somewhere. Common seals only feed their young for 4-6 weeks. This seal does look quite thin (rather than the large fat reserves a pup should have when weaned) maybe it become separated too early and for some time!

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