Saturday, 31 August 2013

Grey Seal still on the River Arun, West Sussex

The grey seal is still living in the River Arun and surrounding waters. Here are some more sightings

7th August
Hi Steve.

It may be of interest to you; so I thought I would let you know that I spotted a grey seal in the River Arun at lunchtime today. It was heading North with the tide just short of the old bridge.  It dived and though I searched for it, I did not see it resurface.

I was standing in a sandwich shop, looking out of the window overlooking the river. South of the Queen St. Road bridge. Kind regards, Darran

8 August

Hi Steve.  Just to let you know that we spotted a seal in the River Arun just after 2pm today. It was north of the Black Rabbit, Arundel about 5 miles along the River from Littlehampton

Kind regards Mick

10th August 2013.

Just to let you know that a large Seal was seen at Pulborough Brooks late afternoon on Saturday 10th August 2013 Regards Stephen.   
10th August 2013.
I hope these photographs might be of interest. He was above Pulborough on Saturday evening having a good time

11 August

I was canoeing about 2 miles downriver today from Pulborough today when I encountered a playful seal. He repeatedly swam up to and surfaced near my boat and even showed me a rather large fish he had caught.

I have some video that I shot and once I've downloaded it I will send you a link.

Regards Jack

22 August

Hi Steve,

I've just returned from a paddle boarding session off Littlehampton Beach (opposite the leisure centre) and I had an encounter with a seal! I ride an inflatable paddle board and I heard a "pishh, pishh" behind me, I thought I'd sprung a leak! I turned around and saw a seal swimming along behind me.
It came alongside and was very inquisitive. I hadn't heard of seal on our coast, so I Googled sightings when I got back home and came across a story in the Littlehampton Gazzette dated 26 June. I saw that you requested information of any sightings at the foot of the article.

I'll be sure to take a camera with me when I go out next! Kind regards Roger

23 August

Hi Steve

My husband and daughter saw the seal in the River Arun this afternoon.  It was in the shallows on the right where the tee pee tents are on the left.  I don’t know exactly where that is though.  If you need more information, then please email me back.  


23 August

Hi Steve,

Saw through Google that you were requesting info on seal sightings.

A very relaxed, friendly seal was basking on the lower east bank of the Arun at High water approx 1mile north of the Arundel to Littlehampton railway bridge yesterday afternoon the 23/8/2013.

He was not at all disturbed nor bothered by our close vicinity in our kayaks to say hello, He looked extremely healthy and well fed and my wife and I stayed some time to admire him, Regards, Sean & Davina

24 August


We’ve been to Littlehampton today and was amazed to see a seal in the river opposite the fairground. Vince

26 August

Hi Steve

I don't know if you still interested but we have just spotted, at 20:00hrs, a seal in the river Arun.  He did not look distressed, he was just resting on the river bank.  I don't know if it is the same one as before, he certainly looked very healthy.
Kind regards tasha & Sue

26 August

Hi, I got your email address just now as I google searched 'seal in Littlehampton' and wanted to find out more by what we saw today! We were in Littlehampton today and were crabbing by the river. A huge seal swam right up to us and caught what looked like an eel in its mouth!

We were in awe! About an hour later walking back along the beach we saw a seal in the water quite close to the beach as the tide was in. It was swimming extremely close to two people im the water. Amazing!! Thought we would let you know :)
Kind regards, The Ward Family.

28 August

Hi, just to let you know I spotted a seal at Arundel town bridge this evening at 18.30. Couldn't get a photo as it I missed my opportunity, the seal headed further up the river passed the bridge. A few other people spotted it along with a family following it in a boat.

31 August

Hi Steve

While kayaking today along the river Arun we spotted what the Arun grey seal. Looked up grey seals in the area when we got home and found the gazette arrival with your email address. It was about 645 am when we saw him or her and we had just past the Littlehampton marina and were about 5 minutes from going under the road bridge heading towards Arundel.

The seal dived when we first spotted it but resurfaced quickly and came up close to the kayaks and swam along a little behind for a while. Hope this helps with you sea watch the seal was beautiful and really curious. Will be using this route a few more time in the next few weeks will email again if lucky enough to see him/her again.

Thanks Ian, Sally and Amie

31 Aug

Seal seen this evening numerous times in harbour and then returning out to open sea. Seemed very relaxed. Photo from West Beach car park whilst we were eating fish and chips. Belinda Wilkins





Shorehambeach said...

On Saturday (19th October) The Seal spent 3 - 4 hours by Silver Sands (The Harbour CLub) Shoreham Beach playing in the shallow water and coming up onto the sand.

Clare Linney said...

Hi please could you get in touch, I have information about a confirmed 2 (and possibly a 3rd) beaching of Common Whales in Sussex over the last 3 days. My emails address is