Friday, 2 August 2013

Update of seal sightings in July

I received many sightings of seals in July, especially the grey seal that has been interacting with people and visiting both the river Adur and the River Arun (both in West Sussex). A few grey seals have been reported early in this weblog for early July.

"I regularly swim in the sea at the end of my road...Ham Road, east Worthing by the boulders.

An hour ago I though I had encountered a floating dead made me jump obviously...but after swimming a way and looking back I realised I was being followed by a seal.

His head is a dark slate grey/black colour. really cute face...was clearly following me. I have no experience of them and didn't know whether they're safe to swim with so I ran onto the shore...the coastguard happened to me be paroling on his buggy and saw him swim he can verify it.

I feel so blessed and excited. I will look out for him but would like to know if it's okay to swim with them. I'm a strong swimmer but wouldn't like to be hit by a fin....

Nadia"   5.7.2013


I have just read a Shoreham Herald article on the River Adur seal after having spotted him about half an hour ago swimming between Cuckoo's Corner and the Shoreham flyover.

Corinne" 6.7.2013

 "Hi there

A seal came swimming along at Shoreham Beach around midday yesterday – dark, pretty big, I’d say 1.2m or so in length, lean, very tame, swam within 20m of swimmers, quite close inshore, magical!

Hope this is helpful in the seal watch scheme of things. Didn’t capture on camera as I was swimming!

Jules" 7.7.2013



On July 7th whilst visiting the beach opposite end of Mardyke we were surprised to see a seal---2 photos attached of that sighting. The seal came up quite close (about 2 yards) from swimmers in the water.

Then yesterday I went down for a swim at high tide and whilst swimming, turned and saw the (same I presume) seal only a couple of yards from me. It gave me quite a sudden shock, but having already seen the seal 2 weeks before realised what it was. The seal just swam away un-concerned".  7.7.2013

 "Hi Steve

I found your email request to let you know as I was looking up a few things on harbour seals today as I had the amazing great good fortune today to find myself and my son swimming with a seal just off Littlehampton west beach! in total shock and excitement! it swam round us a couple of times and had a good look both from underneath and my face & then swam off! truly incredible! anything you can tell me about them in this area I would love to know, ….would one expect there to be more around or is it thought the seal that has been seen around here is a lone one? is this normal?
Great to know you are taking an interest, thanks, willow" 10.7.2013

"Hi there, we were down the greens ward part of Rustington beach by the sea estate yesterday. I was swimming with my dog and a seal swam by us about 5m away. Bobbed up a few times then swam away. My wife caught it on camera but it looks more like another dog from the poor quality from my camera phone. But it was definitely a seal. Me and my wife can both confirm that. Read article in Littlehampton gazette and u guys asked to be notified. Hope it helps. Gavin. 15.7.2013

"Hello there I saw in the gazette you want to know if anyone sees the seal yesterday around two pm the seal was in Littlehampton beach by the swimming centre for over a hour and it was swimming. around peoples feet I Managed to get really close to it and it let me stroke it on a few occasions
Tamara" 17.7.2013

"Hi Steve, caught sight of the seal just off Littlehampton beach opposite the skate ramps, low tide about 4.15.

My boys say they saw it earlier under Red bridge but no photo" Cliff 22.7.2013 

It has been fantastic to receive so many sightings, often of the same seal and great to hear from so many people who have enjoyed seeing the seals. (Report added to weblog after seal has moved on as we are keen not cause stress for the seals when they remain in once location).

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